logo get viral transparentIf you are failing to utilize social media marketing to express the message of your church then you are missing a tremendous opportunity! Simply put, professionally managed social media marketing is the single biggest way to grow church exposure exponentially.

If you think about it, the premise is really quite simple. Every time a member of your own congregation likes and friends your church on mediums such as Facebook, you instantly get exposure to that congregation member's friends on Facebook. If any of those friends in turn like your page, you now have exposure to all THEIR friends. It's easy to see how suddenly your church could quadriple its reach and exposure.



Our Managed Services Include:

facebookA custom designed Facebook page for your church that compliments your website design. This design is handled by the same award winning graphics staff that designs our websites. We can post updates, add images, monitor feeds, and more on your behalf. We even can manage complex campaigns – including Profiles, Pages, Events, Groups, and Search. We monitor and measure your fans, likes, comments and page activity including your fans based on demographic, region, language, and post source. We can optimize your messaging with per post insights, including reach, engaged users, “talking about this” and virality. Plus, historical comparisons allow you to see trends over time. These analytical reports can be delivered weekly or monthly based on your preferences.

twitterWe have have all the tools and expertise needed to grow, nurture, and engage your Twitter audience. We can send send and schedule Tweets, listen using search, list and keyword tracking streams, as well as monitor Mentions, Direct Messages, Sent Tweets, Favorited Tweets, and more in dedicated streams. We can provide you with an overview of your Twitter account by tracking the number of followers, following, lists, mentions, and more. Additionally, we can do more with your monitoring by comparing keywords over time and Twitter sentiment.

linkedinWhile Linkedin might not immediately come to mind as an important social media site for your church, it in fact can be quite useful. We can help your church and ministries get set up properly in Linkedin and start benefitting from this social medium.



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